Doodlie-doo peep his Sketch frenzy and like his site!

Doodlie-doo peep his Sketch frenzy and like his site!

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"Digging deeper than your snot nose"

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"Digging deeper than your snot nose"

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999 Lives Can’t Save yo @ss.
GreyTone’s Blab Box 01:”Robots”

I read a article that Japan’s planning to send robots to moon around 2015.
They said they won’t send two legged robots because of the terrain. Is even saying ‘robot’ out dated now? Should we call them ‘humanoids’? 

So that means robot is gonna keep developing and Japan would send their Gundams to other planets. They’ll get resources there to send it back to Earth. They’ll start building facilities in other planets, maintained by satellite connections to over see it from Earth. Then they’ll make huge space stations that transforms to humanoid form.. like Macross.

Soon, space station Big Brother would be built, sponsored by Google; that can map out and locate anything in Earth. At the same time, it can track any body every step. Advertisers can then place ads more accurately towards their target consumers. 

Coming back to 2015, I read this dope manga “20th Century Boys”. They made  a movie trilogy but I felt the manga version is doper. 

and i thought 2001 was space Odyssey or was it 2011? When was Doraemon built? 2022? 

The future is in their programmed hands/ I blow up the SkyNet and take my stand/ bust a robot as we become ghosts as the humanoids become the labor force

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